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Welcome to contact us, and we will provide you the best service!
You can contact us through the way below, and also can put down your request on Leave message on line.

Add: Rm A11-13,11/F No.16 south Caihong Road Ningbo Zhejiang China
Tel: (86-574)87025641
Fax: (86-574)87025601/02/03

Name Mobile Eamil
Benny Wang(General Manager) +86.18957413533
Lee Li(Deputy General Manager) +86.18957413536
Stella Zhen(Deputy General Manager) +86.13906689671
Cassieshi(General Manager Assistant) +86.18957413516
Sunshine Yang(Chief Financial Officer) +86.18957413772
Financial Executive Division:
Name Mobile Eamil
Lube Li(Manager) +86.18957413763
Operation & Document Division:
Name Mobile Eamil
Wang(Manager) +86.18957413545
Customer service Division:
Name Mobile Eamil
Yu(Manager) +86.18957413543
Market Division.1:
Name Mobile Eamil
Jack Shen(Manager) +86.18957413530
Market Division.2:
Name Mobile Eamil
Tom Tang(Manager) +86.18957413761
Market Division.3:
Name Mobile Eamil
Jack Jiang(Manager) +86.18957413519
Market Division.4:
Name Mobile Eamil
Bevin Gan(Manager) +86.18957413526
Route Development Department:
Name Mobile Eamil
Lee Li(Manager) +86.18957413536
Overseas Develop Division:
Name Mobile Eamil
Lillian +86.18668537833
Saber(Manager) +86.18957413542
Bonded of Beilun port & Customs and Commodity Inspection Division:
Name Mobile Eamil
Jing Liu +86.133 368 946 87